Review: SpaceTime Helix @ The Lowry

Review: SpaceTime Helix @ The Lowry

Who would have thought that a piece of string, a light, and a controller could be some mesmerising? Well, that’s SpaceTime Helix in a nutshell. The innovation is created by Italian art-scientist Michela Pelusio who works with a different electronic sound designer for every show.

Using an experimental piece of equipment called an ‘opto-acoustic’, Pelusio said: “The performance forges a malleable kinetic sculpture that bends space, light, matter and sound. When you look at the Helix, you can see quantum mechanics when the Helix jumps from one shape to the next. A natural phenomenon which is almost a miracle right in front of your eyes.”

Taking full control of the light, how it moved and danced around the stage was utterly hypnotic. No two shows are the same as the two artists on stage respond to each other live on stage.

The optical illusion of sound and light, the atmospheric staging, the narrative power of the music and the skill of the performances combine to create something magical.

She added:”Vibrating strings are fundamental in our understanding of the world and the universe. SpaceTime Helix is a metaphor for the return to the root of things, and to the simplicity and the complexity of the macro and microcosmos, the internal and external space, the architecture of the mind and the architecture of nature.”

Taking String Theory as the starting point, Michela explored the natural sensation of sound and light.


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