Review: The Almighty Sometimes at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Review: The Almighty Sometimes at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Focusing on one of the most pressing social issues of our time, The Almighty Sometimes is an exploration of children’s mental health that takes its toll of an already fragile relationship of a single mother and a moody teenage daughter.

The two dominant and strong women both hold their own as their story unfolds. Anna (Norah Lopez Holden) tries to take control of her life and work out her place in this world as her mother Renee (Julie Hesmondalgh) questions if she’s done right by her child’s upbringing.

Holden’s dramatic and exquisite performance of Anna is one that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats are they watch the sad downward spiral that plummets Anna into a severe depression.

Hesmondalgh tackles the role of a struggling mother trying to deal with a hormonal teenage girl who’s at the peak of adulthood while also dealing with her own depression that she doesn’t even realise she has. A heartbreaking moment where Hesmondalgh is left speechless and motionless while watching her daughter’s illness take over.

With comic moments from the loveable boyfriend Oliver (Mike Noble), who has problems of his own with his family, the show isn’t just doom and gloom. With creative storytelling as Anna reads her stories, the piece a physical mastermind.

Katy Rudd’s direction mixed with Rosanna Vize’s design leaves the audience silenced at the end of the show. The auditorium was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

A fabulous piece of drama that makes you laugh cry think and feel. A mastermind.


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