Recipe: Overnight Oats

Recipe: Overnight Oats

I’ve had lots of questions regarding overnight oats, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you and answer some questions.


⭐️4/5 tablespoons of rolled oats (bought from Aldi – cheap and cheerful).

⭐️Enough fruit to fill a half a mason jar. I’ve used 1 chopped apple 🍎, 1 handful of raisins and a tablespoon of cinnamon. But you can change the fruit and amount to suit your needs.

⭐️1 tablespoon on chia seeds.

⭐️Milk of your choice – I currently use semi skimmed milk.


1️⃣Combine everything in a small jar, including milk (ensure fruit is covered) and shake.

2️⃣ Set in the fridge overnight.

3️⃣ Eat in the morning! Heat up or eat cold, whatever you prefer!


💥 Q. Does the fruit last all week? Yes, a combination of the milk and refrigeration helps preserve the fruit perfectly.

💥 Q. When do add the milk? I add milk to ALL jars on the same day I make them.

💥 Q. Can you use water instead of milk? I haven’t tried it myself and I can’t imagine it would taste great, but if anyone tries it, let me know how you go?


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