Review | Flushed | Manchester’s 53Two Theatre

Review | Flushed | Manchester’s 53Two Theatre


Two young girls in multiple bathrooms – ‘Flushed’ follows the life-changing diagnosis that worms its way into the lives of the inseparable sisters.

When Marnie gets diagnosed with premature menopause, her will is pushed, but her loyal younger sister Jen is there to try and make it better.  But this news has an impact on the girls’ close friendship and it tests it – the bond of sisterhood is a strong one but can it take this strain?

Catherine Cranfield’s play is a perfect mixture of teenage drama and comedy, plus educating the audience about a theme that might be completely alien to some members. With a cleverly written script and excellent direction, Cranfield’s production is stunning.

Bold in its subject matter, ‘Flushed’ highlights the highs and comical moments shared between sisters and friends – including the secrets that are shared in a toilet cubical (including poo!). Nevertheless, it does show the lows that come with the subject, and how these young girls deal and overcome it together.

A simple set of two toilets take the girls from their home to nightclub loos instantaneously, and the audience is transferred there by quick lighting changes.

Harriet Rose Millsopp captures the trusting and naive innocence of Jen perfectly, while Georgia Phillips tackles the trauma that Marnie faces with a realness that was so gritty and gut-wrenchingly sad. I could not say which actress was stronger or better, as they both were beautiful, charming and exquisite to watch on stage.

I have never connected or related to a play more than this one, having grown up with a sister 18 months older than me, and I am very excited to see where this production leads.

‘Flushed’ is playing at 53Two in Deansgate, Manchester until Saturday 31st March and tickets can be bought here.


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