7 Most Instagram-able Coffee and Cake Cafes You Have To Try in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

7 Most Instagram-able Coffee and Cake Cafes You Have To Try in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is renowned for its beautiful buildings, great nightlife, but most importantly, the coffee shops! Get your phone out and take some very Instagram worthy photos – because if you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen, right?

1. Sugar Junction

A selection of teas, coffees, cheeky alcoholic hot chocolates and some incredible milkshakes, there’ll be something to wet your whistle at the Sugar Junction cafe. With different cakes on offer every day, you’ll get a new photo every time. Or, if you’re a traditionalist like me and love a good cream tea, you can get two scones, cream and jam and a pot of tea for two for under a tenner!


Sugar Junction / sugarjunction.co.uk / 60 Tib Street, M4 1LG / 9am – 6pm Sunday – Wednesday, 9am – 8pm Thursday – Saturday.

2. Home Sweet Home

After a recent revamp of their menu, HSH offers a wide range of wacky and beautiful vegan cakes, as well as free from gluten free cakes – and a brand new addition to the menu… DOUGHNUTS! These cakes are so extra, perfect for the gram. Plus, you can order a whole cake to order, which is ideal for birthdays, celebrations or just for the love of cake!

Dreamy, or disaster?

Home Sweet Home / homesweethomenq.com / 49-41 Edge Street, M4 1HW / 10am – 10pm Monday – Thursday, 10am – 11pm Friday, 9am – 11pm Saturday, 9am – 10pm Sunday.

3. Teacup Kitchen


Priding themselves as “More than just tea and cakes”, they aren’t lying. Teacup Kitchen takes cakes and makes them beautiful – just look at the size of that rainbow cake! Averaging around £5 per slice, you get a mouthful of OTT and phenomenal cake and you can really up your photo game here! We hope you have a large enough mouth!

Somewhere beyond the rainbow, cake will be completely healthy…


Teacup Kitchen / teacupandcakes.com / 53-55 Thomas Street, M4 1NA / 9am – 6pm Sunday – Friday, 9am – 7pm Saturday

4. Fig + Sparrow

How people take the photos of a bird’s eye view on a coffee we’ll never know, but we can try here at Fig + Sparrow. Serving up a kick-ass cake, amazing, liquid hug coffee, tea and hot chocolate. If you’re missing your dog while away at uni, this cafe is dog-friendly, so we’re sure you can find a friendly pooch to pet.

We can dream.

Fig + Sparrow / figandsparrow.co.uk / 20 Oldham Street, M1 1JA / 8am – 7pm Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm Saturday, 10am – 7pm Sunday

5. Cat Cafe

If sitting in a cafe full of cats and not paying for drinks but paying for the time you spend in there is not enough to get you to visit the Cat Cafe, then the sweet cakes and coffees on offer definitely will! You won’t be able to resist their delicious chocolate fudge Bert cupcakes or any of their cakes and cookies with cat faces on! You’ll have to try your hardest not to give the cats some of it though – who could say no to that face?

Cat Cafe Manchester / catcafe.co.uk / 103 High Street, M4 1HQ / 10am – 7pm Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm Saturday – Sunday

6. Black Milk, Manchester

Why wouldn’t mix your drink and cake together? Get your freak on with Black Milk’s freakshakes – full of cream, goodness and even topped with a slice of cake (we aren’t thinking about the calorie count on these bad boys, and we don’t think you should either!)


Black Milk / blackmilkcereal.com / 88 Oldham Street, M4 1LF / 12pm – 8pm Monday – Thursday, 12pm – 10pm Friday, 11am – 11pm Saturday, 11am – 9pm Sunday.

7. Patisserie Liberte

You’ll be green with envy when you see your friends post a photo from Patisserie Liberte, so go yourself and enjoy the French mousse domes and patisseries and get one for the ‘gram.

Bon appetit!

Patisserie Liberte / patisserieliberte.co.uk / 10 Hilton Street, M1 1JF / 10am – 6pm Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm Monday.

And there you go, our top 7 most Instagram-able cafes in the Northern Quarter! Make sure you tag us in your photos! Happy ‘Gramming!


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