Have a Cheat Day Treat… with Manchester’s Yes! Doughnuts

Have a Cheat Day Treat… with Manchester’s Yes! Doughnuts

The first thing that pops into my head when I think about doughnuts is American cops stuffing their face while on a stakeout (not that I don’t want to do that at least once in my life).

But what doesn’t usually come to mind is little independents in Manchester, upping the game on the doughnut culture and producing something that is more of an actual course in a meal rather than a small snack – cue the gourmet doughnut company Yes Doughnuts.

Opening just over a year ago, you can find them regularly at GRUB at Fairfield Social Club, and they are going strong.


I popped to see them on Saturday afternoon having already got my coffee hit at Just Between Friends coffee but fancied something sweet. With six flavours for the day, it was a tough choice. Offering boxes of four, I was able to pick a couple and try a few…

They all look good enough to devour in 10 seconds flat, but my eyes were bigger than my belly!

After intense deliberation, I went with a vegan vanilla glaze (classic, and I want to say healthy), OMGYes! Mess (once again, vegan, but not too healthy), Ambassador’s Reception (definitely not on the healthy side) and Salted Caramel Biscoff Blitz (who doesn’t like the biscuits?!)

Vegan Vanilla Glaze

A simple but mouthwatering doughnut. Madagascan vanilla flavour is simply to die for! But make sure you eat it the day you buy it (you’ll probably devour it in five minutes, let’s be honest!)

OMGYes! Mess

A bomb of raspberry rose and coconut, topped with raspberry crumble and role petals topping – and it’s vegan! When I first saw it, I fell in love – now I’m even more head over heels knowing that it’s vegan (so that means it’s healthy right?)

Ambassador’s Reception

If you think you like chocolate doughnuts, get ready to be amazed and transformed. This isn’t just any chocolate doughnut – oh no, this is a doughnut for the millionaires! Stuffed with a smooth Nutella ganache, the ring of heaven is coated in milk chocolate and crunchy golden hazelnut praline and an actual whole Ferrero Rocher! It’s so gold, it shines brighter than my dreams…

Salted Caramel Biscoff Blitz

Filled with oozy salted caramel. Topped with crushed Lotus Biscoff biscuits. Add a touch of Anglesey sea salt. And boom! It’s a blissful blitz in your mouth!

Punters were queueing up for these guys, and they clearly know about them as the doughnuts were flying off the stall! Luckily Yes Doughnuts had come prepared with over 250 doughnuts to last the day – MY DREAM!

Whether you want a cheat meal, cheat day or just want a doughnut, these are so good that one will never be enough!

Some people might say that gourmet doughnuts are “too much” or too sickly, and to be fair I can see why people think that. But the Yes! Doughnuts are so light and fluffy, even though they are filled to the brim with sauces and all the goodness, that you don’t even know you’ve eaten a whole one already!

A great cheat meal for you!




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