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Review | Minefield | Manchester’s HOME

As part of the ¡Viva! Festival at HOME, Lift Productions tells the stories of six Argentine and British veterans of the Falklands war.

As mentioned in the show, the Falklands war isn’t taught in schools and so it might seem a bit less important than WWI or WWII for instance. Lola Arias’ direction of Minefield proves that wrong, with clever storytelling to create a show, not just a play.

The show was created with a performed by six veterans: Lou Amour, David Jackson, Ruben Otero, Sukrim Rai, Gabriel Sagastume and Marcelo Vallejo. They all held different roles within their armies, marines and navy.

Minefield pic 1

The fact that there is three Spanish speaking cast and three English speaking cast doesn’t ruin the experience for the audience, as the show includes subtitles in both English and Spanish to read. The veterans are very expressive with their words, so even if you don’t speak their language and aren’t reading the subtitles, you can still understand the emotion and feelings that they are putting across

Minefield pic 11 - Marcelo Vallejo (photo by Tristram Kenton)

Shifting from present day to back in at the front line of the war in the 80s, the talented cast brings multimedia elements to the show, using projections onto the back wall and voice recordings from the time.

By recreating moments in their history, the audience gains a better understanding of the tense feelings the veterans were feeling in that moment in time.

Minefield pic 9 - Marcelo Vallejo, Lou-Armour, and Gabriel Sagastume (photo by Tristram Kenton)

The veterans are a bunch of multitalented people, who can sing and perform all together in a band. They also create all their own sound effects throughout, which added a more human and real recreation for the audience.

Minefield pic 13 - Marcelo Vallejo, Ruben Francisco Otero, Gabriel Sagastume, and David Jackson (photo by Tristram Kenton)

With such a sad storyline, you think it would be all doom and gloom – but no! Adding in comedic moments such as a drag striptease and a cameo appearance from Maggie Thatcher, the veterans entertain the entire audience and take them on a rollercoaster of emotions in just 1 hour 40 minutes.

Minefield pic 2 - (photo by Tristram Kenton)

Minefield is showing at HOME as part of the ¡Viva! Festival and information and tickets can be found here.


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