Brunch on a Budget – Manchester’s Guide to Brunch on a Shoestring Budget

Brunch on a Budget – Manchester’s Guide to Brunch on a Shoestring Budget

We all love brunch. It’s better than breakfast and fancier than lunch. And sometimes there’s booze involved (which makes it even better!) So don’t let the fact that it’s the middle of the month and you are looking down the back of the sofa for pennies stop you from getting your brunch fill. These are my favourite restaurants and cafes in Manchester that mean you won’t break the bank, and you’ll still get one for the ‘gram.

Let there be brunch!

1. Roc & Rye

Hosting a simple but tasty menu of Instagram-able brunch favs, like your trusty avocado on toasted sourdough, poached eggs and Smoked salmon, Roc & Rye is every Mancunian’s dream for a work lunch. Brunch is available six days a week: 10am – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Plus, they have 50% OFF their new brunch and light bites menu until Saturday, April 21st, so why wouldn’t you?

Roc & Rye, 60 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 2BQ / 0161 414 0057 /

2. Alabama’s All American Eatery

If you want a full English, they have it (£9). If you wish to have muffins and eggs, they have got that too. If you want steak at 9am in the morning (why wouldn’t you?), they also have that too (£13). Alabamas’ takes brunch and makes it great! I think you’d be full for the rest of the day if you got a steak in the morning!

Alabama’s All American Eatery, 10 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AN /

3. Gorilla

With breakfasts from as little as £6, Gorilla does have something for everyone. Does anyone want chicken and waffles? Grab yourself a plate of crunchy fried chicken, a sweet waffle, coat it in chicken gravy. Top with candied bacon, a fried egg and a helping of maple syrup, and what do you have? A beautiful start to your morning, that’s what! All for only £12! And remember guys, waffles are just pancakes with abs!

Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 5WW /

4. Evelyn’s Cafe Bar

Serving a range of breakfast items from smoothies (£5) and pancakes (£9) to going a bit more adventurous to black rice and chia porridge (£5.50), Evelyn’s has it all. And it tastes incredible too! Try their homemade lemonade also. Mmmmhhh.

Evelyn’s Cafe Bar, G18 Tib St, Manchester M4 /

5. Federal Cafe and Bar

Be inspired by the way New Zealand and Australia do brunch. Oh yeah, it’s all day! From as little as £2.50, you can get your brunch fix in Federals’. You need to try their tiramisu french toast, served with amaretto mascarpone & chocolate sauce. Have I died and gone to heaven? Maybe. Maybe.

Federal Cafe Bar, 9 Nicholas Croft, Manchester M4 1EY /

6. Bill’s

I love pancakes! If you don’t, you can’t brunch with us! Especially not at Bill’s, because they have some scrummy pancakes on offer, from only £6.95. You’ll be left feeling as light and airy as the pancakes themselves!

Bill’s, 8-12 John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6JP / 0161 834 2756 /

7. Pot Kettle Black

We all know that brunch is breakfast without an alarm so you can eat at leisure with PKB’s brand new brunch menu. After a recent refurb and expansion of their kitchen, PKB’s brunch menu offers a wide variety of options for everyone. Whether you go for a healthier chia pudding & coconut porridge or a cheeky stack of cinnamon French toast, there will obviously be a whole lot of eggs!

Pot Kettle Black, Barton Arcade, Manchester M3 2BW /

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, so get out of the house, put down that revision book and enjoy a good brunch with friends!


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