Restaurant Review | Mr Lau’s Dim Sum Bar + Chinese Restaurant | Warrington

Restaurant Review | Mr Lau’s Dim Sum Bar + Chinese Restaurant | Warrington

I have to admit, I’m not usually one for Chinese food. Whenever we order a takeaway at home, I’m always wanting Indian. But I do like dumplings, noodles and chicken, so I knew I was going to love Mr Lau’s.

Going to Mr Lau’s, I was worried that I wouldn’t want anything on the menu, but oh my goodness. They have such a range of food on offer there’s something for everyone. From Dim Sum to Seafood sharers, it’s all freshly made in the open kitchen by six talented chefs.


Decorated with Chinese lanterns and silver Buddha’s, the venue is lowly lit and atmospheric. There are lots of different sized tables, including a long one that we sat on. Whatever size your party is, they will have room for you.

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Photo credit – Gabi Gbl. @gabi.gbl

On the table waiting for us was little baskets of prawn crackers and salt and pepper crackers, which were fresh and crispy. Water was quickly served to everyone and menus were ready on the table for us to read.

With lots to choose from, my guest and I went for a steamed Dim Sum sharing platter (£15.95) which included sui mai, har gau, duck + hoisin gau, beef sui mai with ‘lao gan ma’ chilli oil. A mixture of beef, prawn, duck and pork dim sum and it was all so tasty. The chilli oil was very spicy, so I didn’t have much. For the amount you got, that could easily be a lunch to share with someone, as it was filling, very tasty and flavourful.


Our dim sum was gone too quickly, but the waiters were quick to clear the plates and bowls away and relay the table for the main course.

For my main course, I decided to go for the Chu Hau chicken (£14.95), which lived up to its name of sizzling chicken with soybean, garlic, ginger and sesame sauce, as it came out still bubbling and piping hot. With a thick sauce and a bowl full of chicken and veg, it was a very tasty dish. The only downside is that I then had to order a side of thin noodles (£4.95) on top of paying for the dish. I was quite surprised that it didn’t come with either noodles or rice, but to be honest, with the noodles, there was enough for two people to be able to share.


My guest wanted the seafood platter (£34.95), which is normally for two people minimum. Nevertheless, he ordered it and wow, I can see why it’s for two people, not one. It was a massive portion of fried salt and pepper crispy fish, king prawns, lobster, soft shell crab, mussels, langoustine, scallops and clams. The seafood was well seasoned and with beautiful garnishes. Sadly, his eyes were bigger than his belly so he couldn’t eat all of it, so I definitely recommend sharing this among at least two people.


We ordered cocktails from the bar and got a Sex on the Beach and a bubbly Elderflower mocktail. The Elderflower mocktail was refreshing and was an excellent drink to match the flavours in the dishes.

We chose to not have a dessert, based on the fact that we were both so full from the starter and main.

Overall, the service, food and atmosphere were wonderful. The food was full of flavour and very tasty. I will definitely come back and bring my friends here for a meal (more like a feast)!

Information and how to book can be found here.

Mr Lau’s, 2 Springfield St, Warrington WA1 1BB /


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