Review | Stags and Hens | The Altrincham Garrick Playhouse

Review | Stags and Hens | The Altrincham Garrick Playhouse


From the writer of Educating Rita, Willy Russell produces this incredibly funny and crude play, set in the toilets of a 70s nightclub in Liverpool.

While on her hen night, Linda (the bride) pumps into an ex-boyfriend who is trying to convince her to run away with him, faces worries about the wedding and has a big decision to make. Little does she know that her groom Dave and his stag do have also come to the same club, but Dave is sadly a bit worse for wear and is passed out in the toilets for the whole night!

Filling the Garrick Playhouse with laughter, the young company tackled the play head on (including the accent!).

The set is cleverly designed by Leslie McKie, with steps leading down from the club to the lavatories splitting the stage between the women’s and gents.

Francesca Heraghty-Smith takes on the troubled bride Linda, while the blunt Bernadette is quick to make her see sense. Stealing the show is the naive and loveable Maureen (played by Megan Royle) who just keeps stating that everyone is “having such a good time”.

Head over the corridor to the gents toilets, where Dave (played by Adam Rogers) is passed out in the toilet while suit wearing ladies’ man Robbie is wiping curry off his trousers. Capturing the hearts of the audience is mummy’s boy Billy, played incredibly by Charlie Gallagher, who entertains the audience with his childish nature.

The Garrick players work well together, and the stronger actors supported the weaker ones.

Stags and Hens is playing at the Garrick until Saturday. For tickets, telephone 0161 928 1677 or book here.


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