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How to I motivate myself on my “off” and low days

How to I motivate myself on my “off” and low days

As crazy as it sounds, I do have low and “off” days, where I just want to stay in my PJs, eat a whole tub of Aldi’s Salted Caramel and Pecan ice cream (if you haven’t tried it, you need to!) and binge on Made In Chelsea. Trust me; I’m human. I do it too.

But there are times when, even though I’m having those thoughts mentioned above, that I need to buck my ideas up, get dressed and get on with the day.

On these days, this is how I motivate myself to get up and get stuff done:

I have a cup of coffee

On days I’m getting up to go to work, I always have a cup of coffee to wake me up and get me going! So if it’s a day where I’m feeling a bit lacklustre, I make myself an even stronger cup of joe and wack a bit of sugar in there to give me an instant pick me up!

I have a shower.

As simple as this is, it takes a bit of effort to wash your hair (rather than just roll out of bed and spray a bit of dry shampoo in your barnet). I have a lovely citrusy and fresh shower gel that wakes me up every time I use it – it’s so energising and smells lush!

I put my face on

I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I’m feeling a little bit low or need some motivation, I try and attempt a smokey eye look and that all-important contour (I’m still learning). Walking out the house with an attempt at a winged eyeliner gives me a little bit more confidence (until I look in a mirror and realise I have a tango look going on)

I actually leave the house

If I’m feeling low and need motivation, I get out of my flat. I live in halls at the moment, and there’s only so much I can take of a cramped little flat. If I need a bit of motivation to do work, to do something on my day off or just to feel better, I go out and have a walk. Ok, I live in Manchester, so it’s usually raining, but so be it! Getting out the house, some fresh air into your lungs and your legs moving can really change your focus and headspace! Jump on the bus and go somewhere new – a new park, a new town and do a bit of shopping! Just get out of the house!

Call your family

I’m a big daddy’s girl and very close to my family, so when I moved here, I knew I was going to miss them a lot. If I’m ever feeling down, my family are only a phone call away. It’s a simple thing to so, but it could even make the person on the other end of the phone’s day too. Call a friend you’ve lost touch with. Call your nan! Anyone. It will make you feel a bit better.

That’s it. My tips to motivate your down or “low” days. Stop thinking negative thoughts, be grateful for what is in front of you and smile.

You got this queen.

Lots of love chickens

J x


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