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My Best and Worst Dates

My Best and Worst Dates

I remember my first “proper date” – I met a guy from a dating site by the beach, walked awkwardly along the beach for 30 minutes and then sat down in a little cafe for a coffee. Never to see or speak to each other. Not a great start.

Sometimes, we have to learn from the bad experiences to have the good ones. What did I learn from that date? Sometimes we don’t have to do an activity or big romantic dinner to get to know each other on the first date. Sometimes just coffee is good too. Not too full on and intimidating, but still a reason to meet up.

I also learnt that maybe thinking about the fact that I would be walking a reasonable distance and wear better shoes – stilettos are never sensible on a beach promenade.

If there’s one thing that I love better than food, it’s being taken on a date to eat food. Nothing beats a romantic meal for two and being wined and dine. Just picture it, he is sat across from you, holding your hand, looking deeply into your eyes as he feeds you cheesecake!! Perfection!

But sadly, not all food dates have gone as smoothly.

One time, I dated this guy who sat opposite from me (not a problem, we could do a bit of foot fun 😉 ) He started by looking directly into my eyes, which at first I thought was romantic (eye contact, check!). But then it got weird. He didn’t stop looking at me. Even when he was eating his chilli squid, he was still staring at me. Kind of like a ninja, really.

Now I’m quite a messy eater as it is, and I need to regularly wipe my face due to the worry that sauce is splattered across it without even realising, I was eating noodles and a sloppy sauce, sadly, and trying to be as lady like as possible – but failing. I don’t know why he didn’t just run and never look back, as I think I must have looked like Godzilla, with curry sauce flying everywhere!

But no, he merely told me I had beautiful eyes and he “was getting lost in them” – this was when alarm bells went off, and I got really creeped out. Let’s just say, I never spoke or interacted with that guy again!

But most importantly, what did I learn? Do not order noodles and curry sauce. If the guys holds your hand and doesn’t let go, finish your meal (because on a first date he pays, so eat that free food girl!) and then politely say no to going for a drink after.

You could make up an excuse saying that you’ve got work early the next morning, or if you are feeling ballsy, just let him know that you aren’t interested that way. Say thank you and goodnight, go home, grab a bottle of wine and some ice cream and chill out with a face mask (my ideal night to be honest!)

Now I’m not saying that I’ve never had good dates. I have had lovely ones.

The guy I’m dating at the moment is a chef and loves food as much as I do, so we are always out for food and brunch (I know, a man who loves brunch as much as a middle-class white girl, get in!) And it’s our love of food that keeps me going out with him and the conversation interesting.

Another great date I went on was where he took me for ice cream (I guess you’ve realised I love ice cream and food by now!) We shared a cookie dough and ice cream dessert, and just spoke about our lives. I mean, we didn’t even date again, but I now know a lot about what car engine I need to get in the future.

Just re-reading this post, it’s a bit rambly and weird, but I thought it’s a bit of fun and if you can relate to anything here, please let me know and send me your best and worst date experiences!

Have a great Sunday guys and gals,

Lots of love chickens

J x


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