Review | An Officer And A Gentleman The Musical | Manchester’s Opera House

Review | An Officer And A Gentleman The Musical | Manchester’s Opera House


If you think about the classic love tale where a bad boy meets girls next door, there’s a big argument, he realises he’s in love and then sweeps her off her feet as they walk into the sunset – that is the plot of “An Officer and a Gentleman” in a nutshell.

Based on the classic Douglas Day Stewart 80s hit film, this musical is everything you think a jukebox musical should be – cheesy, uplifting and slightly too predictable.

Opening the show let the audience catch a glimpse at all the characters in the show, as the recruits for the training program arrive.

Sadly, the opening song “In The Navy Now” didn’t have the pow and punch that got the show going. It wasn’t until we saw the women working in the factory and soulfully singing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” which left me with chills.

Jonny Fines’ performance of leading bad boy Zack Mayo too a while to get used to, but it was in his firey duet with lover Paula, played wonderfully by Emma Williams, “I Was Made For Loving You” that he came into his own.

Williams stole the show, with her strong, powerful voice to the way she grew as a character. It was a pleasure to watch Emma Williams shine on that stage.

The ensemble never stops, between playing the cadets, locals and every part in between as well as moving set pieces in scene changes. I have to applaud the never-ending energy that they all radiated on stage, as it balanced some slightly weaker moments in the show.

Any opening night will see a few technical issues, but that didn’t phase the cast one bit – they powered on like true professionals. There was a constant struggle to hear what the cast was saying and singing because it felt like they were continually fighting with the levels on the orchestra, who were just a little bit too loud to enjoy the music.

For a chilled night at the theatre, you should go and see this show. It might not have a massive impact on you, but it’s a right giggle and a rom-com on stage.

Grab the girls, backcomb the hair, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy a night watching a very physically fit cast strut their best 80s dance moves.

“An Officer and a Gentleman” is on at the Opera House until Saturday 18th August tickets available here.


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