Restaurant Review | Bisou De Vin, Bournemouth

Restaurant Review | Bisou De Vin, Bournemouth

If there’s anything that a Friday night needs, it’s cheese and wine.

Just before heading back to uni, I got to visit the brand new restaurant Bisou De Voin, in Bournemouth’s town centre. With bare brick and white tiled walls, the restaurant is welcoming, friendly and warmly lit.

The owners have kept the menu simple and classy – a vast range of cheeses from around the world, a lovely selection of cold cut meats and a massive wine collection.

If you are a bit daunted by choosing a wine off their impressive list, the friendly waiters are on hand to recommend ones that compliment your platter.

I went for a Waipara Hills Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand which was a very fruity white wine that went down a little too quickly…

There are different sized platters, from an intimate board, where you can choose three kinds of cheese and three types of meat (£29.50), party board, with a choice of 8 cheeses and eight meats (£59.50). Finally, the big boy – the ultimate board, with a selection of 12 kinds of cheese and 12 types of meat (£89.50).

All boards are served with olives, pate, cornichons, feta stuffed peppers, sundried tomatoes, hummus and grapes, as well as bread and crackers, chutney and pickles.

For our board, we chose a Spanish manchego cheese, Brie de Meaux and a Neoploen cheese. We decided on the prosciutto, bresaola and lamb Lucanian salami.

The manchego was rich and had an almost fruity flavour. It was perfect with the crackers and chill jam. The brie was so creamy and was very strong in earthy flavours.

The Neopolean cheese was a harder cheese that has quite a nutty flavour. It tasted very good with the pate on the freshly baked bread.

The meats were just heavenly. The bresaola was so tender and salty. The salami was meaty, and it didn’t taste like it was out of a packet from a shop – it felt expensive. The prosciutto was not too salty as you can get sometimes, and it was a perfect compliment to the manchego cheese also.

From the moment you arrive, you are welcomed and made to feel very at home. The staff service was terrific and I will be returning here for more cheese, more meat and more wine!

Bisou De Vin, 14 Post Office Road, BH1 1BA / 01202 610330


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