Restaurant Review | eXchange Food and Drink Lounge New Menu

Restaurant Review | eXchange Food and Drink Lounge New Menu

After visiting eXchange Lounge earlier this year, I knew I was going to come back. The prices, the food and the experience was terrific. I was delighted when they invited me back to try their new food menu.

The new menu has had a touch of sophistication added to it, with the design being classy and straightforward and an incredible selection of food and drinks.

For starters, we had some fresh bread and seasoned butter, made with peppers and spices. The butter was in the cutest little jar, and the presentation set a good standard that the rest of the meal kept up to.

I chose the halloumi fries with salsa (£5). The halloumi was fried to perfection and left cheese the inside the right about of chewy and melted. The salsa had an extra kick to it, which complemented the fries well.

My guest had the meatballs in tomato sauce and focaccia bread (£5). They didn’t scrimp out on the meatballs, as they were fat and juicy, bursting with flavour. The tomato sauce had a mild spice to it, balancing out the saltiness of the focaccia bread.

For my main course, I chose the new spinach and ricotta cannelloni, served in sage butter and topped with toasted pine nuts (£13). This was very very filling, so in future, I would not have a starter if I had this again. The creamy filling was so smooth and flavourful, and the sage butter was the perfect amount of sauce for the pasta dish.

My guest chose a stirfry from Chef David’s noodle bar. She ordered the prawn stirfry, served with noodles, veg, chilli, garlic and coriander (£14). Sadly, there were too many noodles compared to veg and prawns. The dish was almost drowned in soy sauce, which overpowered the flavour from the veg and prawns.

For dessert, I chose the classic Chef Chris’ chocolate brownie, served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis (£6). The brownie was melt in the mouth, and the tartness from the raspberry coulis completed the sweet brownie and ice cream. A perfect dessert.

My guest chose the chef’s selection of ice creams and sorbets – the day’s selection being mango, raspberry and lemon sorbet (£6). Refreshing and sweet. Delicious.

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the menu revamp, and know that I will be back for more of those halloumi fries! They were delicious!

Exchange Lounge – 21 Dickinson St, Manchester M1 4LX


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