Restaurant Review | Dirty Martini’s Brand New Menu

Restaurant Review | Dirty Martini’s Brand New Menu

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t go a week without an espresso martini – it’s a necessity, like having a handbag!

I was delighted to be invited to Manchester’s Dirty Martini to try their brand new cocktail menu, as well as a couple of snacks from their food menu.

The interior is low lit, with giant lanterns on the ceiling and the prettiest bathroom I have ever seen! The simple and cosy decor made me feel at home, but the fabric and colours made the venue look slick and chic.

To start, of course, I went for a classic espresso martini. But, Dirty Martini obviously do it a bit extra. Butterscotch syrup. It was so sweet and smooth; it definitely went down too quickly. There is always a risk that the coffee will be too tart and bitter, but it was brewed perfectly.

We also got the blood orange and vanilla martini (£9.50). Made with Absolut vanilla vodka, blackcurrant liqueur, violet liqueur, blood orange syrup and citrus. The fresh orange and citrus were refreshing and sweet. The flavours and ingredients made me think of a cosmo, made with vodka.

We got to try the vegetarian sharing platter, which is an excellent size for two people to share for nibbles. The dish included fried mac’n’cheese balls which were melt in the mouth heaven, vegetable samosas which were crispy and full of curry flavour. Also, we had some halloumi and vegetable skewers, and some vegetable gyoza served with flatbread and dips. The mix of flavours and cuisines was a lovely touch, and the food, unsurprisingly, was a very high standard.

Our next drink was the Rumolate (left), which simply tasted like a frozen mocha coffee! Made with rum, creme de cacao, white chocolate liqueur, Kahlua and espresso. It was a fabulous change from my classic espresso martini, while still giving the kick of the coffee but the smoothness of the chocolate! I particularly liked the white chocolate liqueur! Very creamy.

A stronger cocktail with quite a kick was the Pine and Peachy (£9.20). Made with Jack Daniel whiskey, peach schnapps, pineapple syrup and citrus – you could taste the whiskey! A surprisingly smooth cocktail. I love the flavour and pineapple decorations too!

We also tried a cocktail that is a bit of a mouthful – Strawbizzle Bazzle! Made with vodka, strawberry and watermelon syrup, apple juice, citrus and the special ingredient – basil liqueur! The thought of basil in a cocktail baffled me, but it was so refreshing with the watermelon and strawberry! It’s dusted with berry powder too, which gave it a tangy kick. A personal favourite of mine from the night.

This cocktail called the Rub My Rhubarb (bit cheeky 😉) is made with cognac, blueberry and pomegranate juice, rhubarb syrup and El Gobernador pisco. It was so tasty and fruit!

Anyone who visits Dirty Martini must have a photo with the iconic wings! Of course, I was extra as usual.

Me and my girlie Charlie, who is looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo! Thank you, Dirty Martini, for having us! If you want to book a table, contact Dirty Martini by calling 0161 241 0781 or visit their website for all your cocktail and party needs!


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