Review | Doctor Dolittle, The Lowry

Review | Doctor Dolittle, The Lowry


If we could talk to the animals, do you think they would sing and dance like us? Well, the Lowry’s Christmas says otherwise, as Doctor Dolittle has arrived in Salford Quays!

The original book has been given a face lift, with writer Leslie Bricusse reworking his famous work with more up to date relevance as well as a brand new plot twist. The classic story has been embellished to create a spectacle on stage.

Mark Williams takes on the much loved animal doctor, but his portrayal was a bit tamer than i expected. He was the sensible doctor, rather than the crazy one!

The star of the show were definitely the puppets, who sang, danced and entertained the audience throughout.

One of the most impressive parts of the show was the tricky dance routine with the double headed Pushmi-Pullyu camel, who even jumped a skipping rope.

Coronation Street star Vicky Entwistle is the doctor’s sidekick and also guardian Polynesia the parrot. Her ability to work the parrot puppet while remaining in character was outstanding.

Another special mention has to go to Patrick Sullivan, playing the smiley Irishman Matthew Mugg. Sullivan’s dance ability brought the show to life, as well as his charming singing voice. Mollie Melia-Redgrave’s powerful vocals were the perfect match as Matt’s love interest Emma Fairfax.

There were a couple of wow moments in the show, and all of them were because of the spectacular puppets – the Giant Pink Sea Snail. The size of the snail was incomprehensible!

It’s a full musical, so maybe not suitable for toddlers. Nevertheless, it is a fun show for the adults too!

The message of thinking about animals and taking care of them was clear throughout, which is still very relevant now.

The show is running until January 5. Tickets, from £19.50, can be booked online .


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