Review | Moscow City Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet | Manchester Palace Theatre

Review | Moscow City Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet | Manchester Palace Theatre


Romeo and Juliet is a production that has been produced multiple times over the years, been the inspiration for musicals and films and also ballets.

Featuring the music by Sergei Prokofiev, Moscow City Ballet’s touring production of Romeo and Juliet is a classic, romantic and entertaining version of the famous play.

When the focus of ballet is on the dancing, one would expect it to be perfection. Sadly, there were moments where the cast was out of sync and felt slightly pulled behind the music, performed by The Hungarian Sinfonietta Orchestra and conducted by Igor Shavruk.

Nevertheless, the dancers performed the intricate and delicate choreography with detail and energy.

The chemistry and trust between both principals are evident throughout their interaction. The pas de deux is effortless and graceful, as Dzmitry Lazovik’s charismatic and boldness makes a brilliant Romeo, while Kseniya Stankevich performs an elegant and youthful Juliet.

There were moments of artistic brilliance where the principals were concerned, but sadly the dramatic Dance of the Capulets did not live up to its grand name, feeling lacklustre slightly.

It was only in the final moments of the ballet that the real drama of the story was told, where Romeo and Juliet’s all-consuming love is torn apart by death. However, this moment did feel slightly rushed, even though it is perhaps the essential part of the story.

Despite moments of weakness, the ballet remains a beautiful spectacle on stage with grace and conviction.


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