Review | Saturday Night Fever | Manchester Palace Theatre

Review | Saturday Night Fever | Manchester Palace Theatre


With all the style trends that come in and out of fashion, you can sometimes forget that it was 42 years since the 1977 smash hit Saturday Night Fever hit our screens.

Saturday Night Fever tells the story of Tony Manero, a working-class Brooklyn worker who dreams of becoming a dancer. Throw in a classic never-to-be love story, as well as the Bee Gees greatest hits, and you are set for an entertaining evening.

Sadly, however, the show did not live up to this expectation. The whole production felt somewhat flat, and never really got the audience going. The only moment of awe was from the dance competition at the end of Act Two, where ensemble members Rhianne Alleyne and Javier Cid wowed the audience with their impressive salsa dancing and risky lifts.

The other highlight of the show was the Bee Gees, played by Edward Handoll, Alastair Hill and Matt Faull. Accompanying all the songs, the three singers kept the show on its feet with their demanding songs including Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever, Tragedy and More Than a Woman as well as 70’s favourites Boogie Shoes and Disco Inferno.

Taking on the lead role of Tony, Casualty star Richard Winsor had some big shoes to fill after John Travolta stamped his mark on the role in the movie. Winsor’s dancing skills were impressive, but sadly the audience never got to connect with Tony’s character.

Overall, the acting was not the most impressive, with multiple characters dipping in and out of America and English accents. The dancing, however, did make up for this.

The costumes were very correct for the time – lots of flares, flowery headbands and of course, the famous white suit.

It’s a dance spectacle, but the story and acting made the show level quite flat.

Saturday Night Fever is at Manchester’s Palace Theatre until Saturday, January 26th and tickets and more information can be found here.


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