Review | Billionaire Boy the Musical | The Lowry

Review | Billionaire Boy the Musical  | The Lowry


David Walliams’ has had a pretty incredible career, from comedian, TV star to author. Walliams’ wit and childish nature is portrayed marvelously in his new musical, Billionaire Boy.

Joe Spud has it all. He’s a billionaire at the mere age of 12, but he wants more. He just wants to be ordinary. When Joe transfers to the local comprehensive school, how long will it be before his classmates realise who he is?

The whole production is a joy to watch from beginning to end, with lots of entertaining and cleverly written songs, by Miranda Cooper and Nick Coler, that entertain adults and children alike. Jon Brittain’s script is packed full of toilet humour jokes as well as some just for the adults that makes this British play really relatable.

Ryan Heenan is a lovable Joe Spud, and manages to get sympathy from the audience even though his character has everything money could buy. But Joe just wants to be loved by his big headed and absent father, Len (played by the comical Dean Nolan).

It’s not until Joe meets Bob, a fellow loner, that he starts to learn that money can’t buy everything. Lem Knights knows how the please an audience, and never stops moving. One of the most notable parts of the show was the ensembles multi-roling throughout, and Knight’s hilarious performance as the Spanish cleaner made me laugh so hard I was blinking back tears.

I have to applaud the cast for not only taking on multiple roles within the story, but also accompanying all the songs as the band, lead by Teddy Clements. The talent within the cast is enormous, attacking some intense and creative choreography from Tom Jackson Greaves with gusto and energy.

Billionaire Boy is fun, comical and easy to watch for all the audience, and I was laughing like a child again at the hilarious jokes and gags that Walliams’ has packed into this production.

Billionaire Boy the Musical is at The Lowry Theatre until Sunday 17th February.


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