Review | Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage | Manchester Palace Theatre

Review | Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage | Manchester Palace Theatre


Who’d have thought that when Dirty Dancing on stage opened in the West End in 2006 that it would have the highest advance sales in history. Now, over a decade later, the smash hit show still fills theatres around the country.

The scene-for-scene replica of the 1987 movie tells the love story of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman and the bad boy Johnny Castle. Featuring the hit songs from the film, such as ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’, its the story that you love, brought to life on stage.

The show has not been altered for the stage, and even though it works for film, the show feels little slow and a bit messy with the scene changes.

However, Gillian Bruce’s choreography is energetic, powerful and perfectly compliments the routines in the film. The chemistry between Baby (Kira Malou) and Johnny (Michael O’Reilly) is breathtaking, and they capture the audiences’ hearts with their passion.

Another stand out dancer is Simone Covele, who plays the ex-Rockett Penny. Covele’s extensions were to die for, but she also proved herself as an actress as well as a talented dancer.

The on-stage band made up of Kieran Kuypers, Ben Mabberley and Miles Russell accompany all the numbers wonderfully, as well as being apart of the action.

The talented ensemble executes every number with force, strength and style, and the ending song got the audience on their feet and dancing along.

If you want to see impressive dancing and a great film, live on stage, this is the show for you.

On at Manchester’s Palace Theatre until the 27th of April, tickets and information can be found on their website.


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