Mocktail Madness: The Alchemist, Spinningfields

Mocktail Madness: The Alchemist, Spinningfields

Hailed as the masters of mixology, the Alchemist is the fancy place that serves drinks in test tubes and uses a lot of dry ice. Hidden away in the trendy and upcoming Spinningfields, The Alchemist has almost revolutionised how cocktails can be created and served, making it more of an experience and a show to the customer as well as a drink that packs a punch in flavour.

The Alchemist may be famous for its cocktails, but its mocktail menu is just as clever and has a lot of drama behind them.

I love the Spiced Maple Sour, which features the non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip spice, mixed with vanilla, citrus and tonic (plus a crazy maple foam). The spices in this mocktail make me think of Christmas, as it was very warming and cosy.

Similarly, the Sinnerman Martini would be perfect at Christmas. Made with Seedlip’s spiced, citrus, lemonade and garnished with a cinnamon sugar glass rim. The mocktail is full of Christmassy joy and is worth a try.

It’s time to get fruity with the Mango Shake. A delicious white chocolate foam tops a fruit combination of orange, apple, lemon, mango and passionfruit. Garnished with half a passionfruit, you’ll make your friends jealous with this beautiful mocktail.

Now, the Bubblygum mocktail is the showstopper that is perfect for Instagram and Boomerangs. Personally, it’s a bit too sweet for me as it’s made from bubblegum, apple, cranberry and lime. Nevertheless, the presentation of this mocktail is the biggest seller. Get the cameras ready; you do not want to miss that photo op. Dry ice. Bubbles. Need I say more?

Now, bananas are not my usual favourite fruit, but somehow the Banana Mañana was so tasty, I forgot I was drinking it. A gorgeous blend of banana, white chocolate and apple make this drink lighter than a milkshake, but creamy and filling. Topped with dried bananas, it’s a pleasure to drink.

The Alchemist has proved that you can enjoy crowd-pleasing and tasty mocktails without feeling left out of the theatricals and magic that the bartenders create. Next time you’re visiting, make sure you try one. You will be pleasantly surprised!

3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3HF / 0161 817 2950


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