REVIEW | The Mousetrap | The Lowry

REVIEW | The Mousetrap | The Lowry

Agatha Christie’s crime classic plays at The Lowry Theatre until May 18.


A cold, snowy night is not the opening that the Monskwell Manor guesthouse owners, Mollie and Giles Ralston (Harriett Hare and Nick Biadon), had hoped for.

Preparing to welcome their first guests to the new guesthouse, they are entirely unaware that their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Agatha Christie’s world-famous ‘The Mousetrap’ has created history, being the longest running play in London’s West End. After opening back in 1952, millions of people have been entertained by the classic story, locking the identity of the real killer in their hearts.

Being the best-kept secret in the theatre, the murder mystery plot is entertaining and keeps the audience on their toes from the moment the curtain goes up.

The script is comical, but the actors make the most of the unspoken moments. A particular professional at the comedic moments was Lewis Chandler’s hysterical performance as the not-quite-all-there Christopher Wren. His physicality was so amusing, and he pranced around the stage with a creepy smile and cackle that brought the audience to tears with laughter.

Even though the language and script are quite of its time, it still resonates with the modern audience. Having characters that the audience can relate to but also are almost caricature makes the show larger than life.

As the story develops, the audience gets to learn about each character’s stories and possible motives for revenge. The plot is cleverly organised, not giving too much away too soon.

Each character and actor brings their own energy to the stage, and they are all talented in their own right.

This classic show never loses any fans, as it manages to continue its curiosity. It’s a show you have to see in your lifetime, so go and see it on tour.

On at Manchester’s The Lowry Theatre until 18 May, tickets and information can be found on their website.


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