5 Reasons to Visit… Altrincham

5 Reasons to Visit… Altrincham

Steeped in renaissance history, stunning Altrincham has so much to see


Sometimes we forget that living in a city does have its downsides – pollution! Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s also not very good on our bodies. Stepping out into the countryside can do the world of good, and it’s an excuse to leave your revision den. Altrincham has lots of greenery, so take a long stroll along the Bridgewater Canal and enjoy the natural world for a bit.


St George’s Church is impressive. Built in 1799, it’s the oldest church in Altrincham and still has the original base of the tower. The slate spire dominates the skyline from every angle along with side its magnificent east-facing rose window. Altrincham is known for its expensive and grand houses, so take a walk and you don’t know what you might find. And maybe do some celeb spotting while you’re there!


Dunham Massey spans 300 acres and is one of Britain’s largest and best winter gardens. Part of the estate also has a magnificent collection of ancient trees as well as a charming little cafe. You can also see the herd of fallow deer that has been resident in the park for hundreds of years.


From larger clothing stores to local, independent boutiques, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s a traditional market on Tuesdays and Thursday-Sundays. Located outside the Market House, you’ll find everything from fresh produce, vintage antiques to homemade gifts and tasty treats.

Altrincham Market House. Photo: Jess Stoddard


You can’t visit Altrincham without popping into the Altrincham Market House.   The market is set in the original 1879 listed building and hosts six electric kitchens, a coffee shop, a chocolatier, a wine shop and bar. The vendors offer a wide selection of sweet and savoury options, including brunch, cooked to order. Or visit what is respectively a very posh version of a student classic, Toast. The cafe is a charming and cosy place to enjoy everything served on toast. 

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Travel Info

Easily accessible from the city centre, it’s a 30-minute tram journey from St Peter’s Square to Altrincham Interchange. Grab a Zones 1-4 travel card for £4.80 for off-peak or on the weekends.


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