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How I Love To Spend My “Me-Time”

“Me-Time” is something that I love to talk about and do, but I sometimes you don’t even realise that you are having some me-time, as you think it’s just normal things that you do day in day out. Here is my list of “me-time” things to do that actually can make you feel better and life that bit happier.

Sleep In And Relax

Ok, so I’m not saying doing this every day is a good thing, but if you are an early bird like me, then spending a day where you just chill in bed is lovely! Get your partner to make you a cup of coffee (or make yourself one and be a strong independent woman!), plump up those pillows and relax! Wack on some TV, put on a face mask, eat a croissant, have a foot rub. Basically, just spoil yourself and relax! Morning “me-time” is a must to get the day started.

Go for a Walk

Getting your little legs moving can be highly beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Breathing in some fresh air and raising your heart rate releases those little happy things called endorphins. What this world needs is more happy people, so get up and get moving!

Tidy my Flat

There is no better feeling than looking at a neat and tidy room, so this is the perfect moment to put on some upbeat tunes, dance around your room with your best and most embarrassing dance moves and give that room a good spring clean. You can get a workout out of it too! Open a window, burn some incense and air that stuffy and smelly room! Good vibes all round.


I love cooking! If I have some spare time one evening, I will spend time preparing something tasty and fresh to eat! I find chopping vegetables very therapeutic (I know it’s a bit weird, but hey ho). The best bit about preparing this gorgeous meal is that I get to eat all of it!


There you go – my little guide on some “me-time”. Enjoy and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Lots of love chickens

J xx

How Not to Feel Bad After Breaking Up With a Guy

As you can guess from this title, I have ended it with the said guy I was dating in the previous post. At first, I was upset because I have never done the dumping before, but I knew that I wasn’t happy in the relationship, so I had to get out.

I didn’t do it the way that I should have and ended things by text (I know, I’m a terrible person), but I have been so busy with work, and I honestly don’t know when I would see him next. I just needed to do it. So I typed a quite blunt but to the point message, explaining that a relationship is not in my plans at the moment, with travels and work taking up my life (but bossin’ it, if I may say so myself).

Coming home yesterday after work to an empty bed was quite sad. I was already being a bit of a saddo and was missing cuddles. But then, as I was shoving ice cream into my gob and sobbing at The Best of Me (if you haven’t watched it, do, but bring tissues), I realised that I shouldn’t feel sorry about the breakup. I then put my mind to it and thought of some ways to not feel sad about ending things.

I Wasn’t Happy

The first rule of thumb, if you aren’t satisfied, get out! Trust me; life is too short to be miserable. Once that text was sent, it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I had been planning my moves all week, and finally, in the space of a second, my worry was gone. I had a productive day at work and felt much happier with myself and life. Sometimes we have to go through some pain and upset to be happier in the end, and that’s why we have girlfriends, wine and chocolate.

You Aren’t a Bad Person

My first thought was “Oh my god, I’m never going to be able to date again, I am such a bad person. Who will ever want a bad person who breaks up with someone over text?” Surprise surprise, most breakups in the 21st century are done via text message, so you’re not alone or a bad person for doing it. In some ways, it makes it easier, as you can text them “Bye” and block their number. Now I’m not saying that’s what you should do, but it’s there if you need it.

Don’t get bogged down by the fact that you took control and ended it. At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy, then you are well within your right to do it. If the person you were with really cared about how you feel, and you explain that the relationship isn’t making you happy but instead stressed and slightly crazy, they should be understanding and respect your wishes.

Me Time

Now that you are a single pringle, you don’t have to be ready to mingle straight away. “Take some time to do you. Date yourself.” I bet you’ve heard that cliche phrase, but never actually done it. Well, now’s your chance. Go to a restaurant by yourself and eat a gorgeous meal. Go on a shopping spree and buy a new pair of shoes. Starfish in the bed and take up as much room as possible. It doesn’t have to be material things you do to date yourself. Start investing in your health. Meditate a bit. Indulge yourself. Take time to focus on your short and long-term goals and set out a plan of how you want to attack the next couple of months. By setting out a program and a timeline of what you want to achieve with a time limit, you’ll be too focused and driven to even think about your ex.

Be Spontaneous

Ok, so sometimes, you just need to let loose. This could be from as simple as going out with your girlfriends, dancing till the early hours and grabbing a kebab on the way home. Or you could take a long weekend from work, go somewhere abroad or do something you’ve always dreamed of – a skydive, skinny dip. Now is your chance to live a little. I’m not saying jump into bed with anyone (unless you want to, then you go girl, just be safe!) but get out of your shell and live. You’ve got the freedom to try new things, make mistakes, learn something new and develop!

There’s that famous quote “Do something every day that scares you.” I’m not too sure who said it, but I love it. If there’s a fit guy in a bar, go up to him and start talking to him. You don’t have to ask him out (though you’ll get extra brownie points if you do) but having the confidence to go up and talk to him will give you such a boost. Majority of the time, he’ll either be taken, married or gay – but if that is the case, you might have just made yourself a new friend – winning all around!


Now, this isn’t a bible to live by, but it’s tried and tested by myself more times then I’d like to admit. Not that I’m always the one doing the dumping – I mean let’s be honest, I’m usually the dump-ee. But either way, the self-love and time to care for me is always a must.

Anyway, enough rambling, back to binge-watching rom-coms and eating tubs of ice cream.

Lots of love chickens,

J xx

21 Things To Do Before You Turn 21

As some of you know, I turn 21 at the end of this week (Friday, for those wondering!) I can’t believe how quickly my year as a 20-year-old has gone – it’s flown by!

Looking back though, I think I’ve definitely made the most of my year!

Supposedly, these are the 21 things you should do before turning 21:

1. Climb a mountain at sunrise

I haven’t done this yet, but plan to do some early hiking when I’m in America. So who knows, a photo of the sun rising over the grand canyon?

2. Dress up in costume and go to a theme park

I’ve been to a theme park this year, just not in costume. I went with my old colleagues from the nightclub I was a manager at. It was my leaving do and hilarious!

3. Attend the concert or music festival you’ve always dreamed of

I went to Bournemouth Sevens for the third year running with all of my best friends, and it was incredible! Lots of glitter and sparkles were involved!

4. Take a solo trip somewhere

This was me the day I drove up and moved into my flat in Manchester (obviously a McDonald’s stop was needed!)


I moved to Manchester by myself – does that count? Moving to Manchester has to be one of my favourite things about this year, as it’s brought me so many opportunities and friendships – for which I will be eternally grateful!

5. Play in the snow

I didn’t play in the snow. Instead, I full on decked myself and slipped on black ice – resulting in a bruised and slightly fractured coxis.

6. Bungy Jump or Skydive

I did a skydive for Bournemouth Hospital Charity and raised £580 for them! That was scary seeing as I was afraid of heights and flying (why I chose to do a skydive still confuses me!) I overcame that fear and jumped out of that plane (well, I was pushed, but I’m not pedantic!). It was terrifying but terrific fun at the same time, and I would do it all over again, 100%!

7. Go on a volunteer/mission trip

I haven’t volunteered abroad, but I’ve done my fair share of charity work. Doing pageants has brought to light my love of charity work, and I am still thinking about my next challenge, even if I am not doing pageants anymore!

8. Go skinny dipping

I haven’t done this yet, but might be able to squeeze it in into the last couple of days as a 20-year-old!

9. Take a spontaneous road trip without a final destination

I’ve taken various trips this year, but sadly all have had a final destination. The only time when we didn’t know where we were going was when I met a guy and just started walking and chatting together. We were walking just in one direction, then ended up sitting down, sharing a cookie dough and ice cream and talking about life and dreams! It was awesome. I’ve never spoken to that guy again sadly, as he was quite cool and very hippy (complete opposite of me).

10. Stay the night somewhere incredibly unique


I’ve gone to a couple of cool places this year, including the beautiful French town La Rochelle on holiday last summer! Gorgeous!

11. Go snorkelling or scuba diving

I haven’t done this seeing as I’m quite scared of the sea! But if I ever would do it, America would probably be the place! Stay tuned!

12. See the stars in all their glory

The amount of times I have just sat outside and looked at the stars is endless. I have always said, if I weren’t in the performing or creative industry, I would study the stars. I think they all beautiful balls of burning dust!

13. Swim underneath a waterfall

Once again, England is quite short in the waterfall sector, and even if I could swim under a waterfall, I probably wouldn’t.

14. Eat something super weird and exotic

I have eaten some different dishes this year that I wouldn’t usually go for, but sadly nothing strange and exotic!

15. Write a list of all the things in your life you are grateful for

  • Life
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Uni

16. Crowd Surf

Still yet to do this – can we get this arranged?

17. Have a picnic with an extraordinary view

Mmmmhhh, not too sure.

18. Stay up and party… All. Night. Long.


Definitely done this. Many times.

19. Live like a local in another community

I feel like a northerner now – does that count?

20. Watch the sunset over the ocean

So many times in some of my favourite spots in Bournemouth (favourite naturally being Urban Reef!)

21. Face your fears

I got myself a place at uni and actually went – I think that’s facing a fear!

Not too bad for a year that seems to have gone too quickly! Thinking ahead to what I can do

Why I started My blog (and how it’s changed my life!)

Why I started My blog (and how it’s changed my life!)

Many people ask me why I started my blog. “Don’t you have dyslexia?” “I thought you did acting, not writing.” “Why don’t you vlog?”

So many questions, and every time I say the same thing… Why not?

Why did I start my blog?

When I moved to Manchester, I wanted to do as much as I could and experience as much as I could. In the end, I was at uni or work during the day and then out at the theatre or a restaurant during the evenings. Some nights I was commentating of a basketball match while others involved a launch party of a bar. So many different things.

My friends back at home kept on saying to me, “Jess, you’re doing so many random things now, we can’t keep up!”

That’s when Jess’ Random World was born.

I wanted my friends and family at home to see what I was doing, and a blog seemed a perfect way! It would link with my uni work (for those of you who don’t know, I’m studying Multimedia Journalism at Manchester Metropolitan University at the moment) and give me a platform to tell the world about my life.

Ok, my writing style is not everyone’s cup of pumpkin spiced latte, but it’s still a way I can express myself. I love writing, regardless of the fact that I can tell the difference between bra and bar. I love the fact that only, you can pretty much say whatever you feel unless you’re in the royal family or high authority (but even then they seem to speak what they think).

I use my blog obviously for reviewing, but my lifestyle section allows me to journal my life and experiences. Just think, when I’m old and grey and still can’t tell my bras from my bars, I’m never going to remember everything that I have done. This blog allows me to have a memory jogger for the years to come.

I also love having a blog because it gives me something to do when I’m not at uni or work (but luckily my blog is becoming my work more and more 🙂 ) It keeps my brain going and thinking about different things, so that’s always a plus.

How has my blog changed my life?

Well, how long is a piece of string? Endless.

Since the start, my blog has been my baby, and to see it grow has been incredible! Going from strength to strength and developing the genres and categories have been very exciting.

I have become a more developed and rounded person since starting this blog – it’s honestly changed my life (including my dress sense!).

I am forever grateful for all the opportunities I am offered, and I know that I’m being offered them because of my hard work and determination to make my site and business a success!

I look back at everything I’ve done in the last couple of months, and it blows my mind! But, even though a blog is useful to look back on everything I’ve done, I’m always looking forward to the next opportunity and adventure, because who knows where that could lead!

Only time will tell.

PS How sassy is the photo of me singing with my name behind me? Love it!

Lots of love chickens,

J x

My Best and Worst Dates

My Best and Worst Dates

I remember my first “proper date” – I met a guy from a dating site by the beach, walked awkwardly along the beach for 30 minutes and then sat down in a little cafe for a coffee. Never to see or speak to each other. Not a great start.

Sometimes, we have to learn from the bad experiences to have the good ones. What did I learn from that date? Sometimes we don’t have to do an activity or big romantic dinner to get to know each other on the first date. Sometimes just coffee is good too. Not too full on and intimidating, but still a reason to meet up.

I also learnt that maybe thinking about the fact that I would be walking a reasonable distance and wear better shoes – stilettos are never sensible on a beach promenade.

If there’s one thing that I love better than food, it’s being taken on a date to eat food. Nothing beats a romantic meal for two and being wined and dine. Just picture it, he is sat across from you, holding your hand, looking deeply into your eyes as he feeds you cheesecake!! Perfection!

But sadly, not all food dates have gone as smoothly.

One time, I dated this guy who sat opposite from me (not a problem, we could do a bit of foot fun 😉 ) He started by looking directly into my eyes, which at first I thought was romantic (eye contact, check!). But then it got weird. He didn’t stop looking at me. Even when he was eating his chilli squid, he was still staring at me. Kind of like a ninja, really.

Now I’m quite a messy eater as it is, and I need to regularly wipe my face due to the worry that sauce is splattered across it without even realising, I was eating noodles and a sloppy sauce, sadly, and trying to be as lady like as possible – but failing. I don’t know why he didn’t just run and never look back, as I think I must have looked like Godzilla, with curry sauce flying everywhere!

But no, he merely told me I had beautiful eyes and he “was getting lost in them” – this was when alarm bells went off, and I got really creeped out. Let’s just say, I never spoke or interacted with that guy again!

But most importantly, what did I learn? Do not order noodles and curry sauce. If the guys holds your hand and doesn’t let go, finish your meal (because on a first date he pays, so eat that free food girl!) and then politely say no to going for a drink after.

You could make up an excuse saying that you’ve got work early the next morning, or if you are feeling ballsy, just let him know that you aren’t interested that way. Say thank you and goodnight, go home, grab a bottle of wine and some ice cream and chill out with a face mask (my ideal night to be honest!)

Now I’m not saying that I’ve never had good dates. I have had lovely ones.

The guy I’m dating at the moment is a chef and loves food as much as I do, so we are always out for food and brunch (I know, a man who loves brunch as much as a middle-class white girl, get in!) And it’s our love of food that keeps me going out with him and the conversation interesting.

Another great date I went on was where he took me for ice cream (I guess you’ve realised I love ice cream and food by now!) We shared a cookie dough and ice cream dessert, and just spoke about our lives. I mean, we didn’t even date again, but I now know a lot about what car engine I need to get in the future.

Just re-reading this post, it’s a bit rambly and weird, but I thought it’s a bit of fun and if you can relate to anything here, please let me know and send me your best and worst date experiences!

Have a great Sunday guys and gals,

Lots of love chickens

J x